Les accents en Français
some folks don't know other symbols than the 26 plain alphabet.
In Quebec, as well as in France, we use accentuation on symbols, as many other nations do.
This table presents the one and only accepted accentuation in international french language.
The use of other accentuation are considered borrowed from another language for instance ø has no french belongings.
le e accent aiguééécureuil which means squirrel.
le e accent graveèèchèvre which means goat.
le e accent circonflexeêêtête which means head.
le a accent graveà´là-bas which means "out there".
le a accent circonflexeââpâte which means dough.
le o accent circonflexeôôhôte which means host.
le i tremaïïmaïs which means corn
le i accent circonflexeîîchaîne which means chain
le u accent graveùùoù which means where